Fall Basics (on a budget)

Since the weather is cooling now, I decided to buy all of the basic fall clothing items for Allison. These are things she can mix and match and will have for this year and maybe even for spring of next year. I decided to stick with neutral colors so everything can be worn with multiple outfit ideas.

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Clorox Clean

Motherhood and using baby wipes for unconventional messes usually go hand in hand. I have cleaned up many messes with baby wipes that went beyond diapers changes and hand wiping. I’ve used them to wipe tables in the house, clean the high chair, wipe the floor and even clean my car and car seat. My favorite wipes are these Parent’s Choice wipes from Walmart because they are cheap, fragrance free and hold up better than many other value brands that I have tried.

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Kings Island

On Sunday, we went on Allison’s first trip to Kings Island┬áin Mason, Ohio. I have been here with other people plenty of times, but never with a toddler. Allison’s age made it very difficult to do much. However, I had free tickets for my husband and I so we decided to go before the cutoff day on labor day. I feel like given the circumstances, we still had a good time and Allison enjoyed it as well.


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Ohio State Fair

Last week, I took Allison to the Ohio State Fair. This was her second time going and this year it was even more fun than the last. I went with the same people (my little brother and two cousins) in addition to my friend this year. I got to do more this year because I was more prepared and wrote down what times some of the cool events were. This year, we visited many of the event buildings with animals, saw the petting zoo, visited the Natural Resources park for the first time, and had a picnic in the central park.

A friend working at the fair gave the kids free ice cream!

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