Zoombezi Bay (review)

I decided to visit Zoombezi Bay on opening day with my two kids. Zoombezi Bay is the Columbus Zoo’s partner water park that is only open during the summer season. It used to be called Wyandot Lake a long time ago, until the name was changed and it was re-opened in 2008. I went this past weekend and, since it was on a Saturday, my husband was working and could not come with me. Going to a water park half an hour away, with two kids and no extra help, was definitely a workout. The weather was perfect. It was hot enough but also breezy once in a while.

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Zoo Memberships (finally)

I decided to take the leap and get a zoo membership for each me and Allison. We got the best one that the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has to offer. Logan is under 3 years old so he is still free and doesn’t require a membership. First, I would like to say that I weighed my options multiple times before this purchase. I for sure couldn’t validate spending money on a membership unless I knew I would get my use out of it, wether it’s a zoo membership or a subscription service like television or Amazon, or whatever else. I enjoy the zoo and its exercise, and both of my kids love the zoo as well.

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