Day Trip to Cincinnati

Wanting to get out of Columbus, my husband and I decided to take a Sunday day trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. His sister’s family lives within a half hour to the city so we thought it would be a perfect combined trip to first explore the city and then visit them. We went to both Cincinnati and Newport because there is just so much to do along the river.

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Much Too Sweet

During most of my pregnancy, I did not crave sweets that much. I would be happy with just fruits and my daily coffee allowance (Starbucks bought or homemade venti caramel iced coffee with cream). This all changed, however, during the end of my pregnancy and after I had my baby. For some reason, I started craving sweets more and more. Maybe it’s because packaged things are more convenient and a lot of them tend to have added sugar. Or maybe it’s because I got more hungry towards the end of my pregnancy and ate pretty much everything and anything I wanted. I don’t know how it began, but I really need to get my sweets intake under control.

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Eating Meals Together

One of the things I was excited about when starting a family is eating dinner together. It’s a little “old fashioned” but I like it and think it should be done more often. I make my husband breakfast most mornings and then pack him lunch for work. For me and Allison, breakfast and lunch are more of a quick thing and I usually just snack all day. When I’m out somewhere, I will pick us up lunch at a restaurant. For dinner though, I like for us to all eat together.

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My son is here!

A few days ago, we finally got to welcome our son Logan into the world. He is a cute, healthy and perfect little boy. Logan was born on Father’s Day this year so that was a great surprise and gift for my husband, since the little guy was a few days over his due date.

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